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Dehija’s EXCEL Story

EXCEL is one of the best programs I’ve ever participated in. This program is a great opportunity and gets me one step closer to my dream of being an anesthesiologist. I get to see different aspects of the medical field, and I’ve been introduced to fields I never knew existed. I volunteer at St. Vincent Hospital and intern at Baptist Hospital in the PACU area. It makes me feel like I’m on Gray’s Anatomy, my favorite medical television show. In the classroom, my teacher comes up with fun and creative ways to teach us medical terminology. It’s usually hands-on, which is good, because I retain the information better. We do case studies and work on projects using the project cycle. My favorite project has been creating the 5th grade mentoring program, which helps elementary students transition from elementary to middle school. I love seeing my mentees’ faces when we walk into the room. They are full of excitement, and I love having the opportunity to make a difference. Lastly, being in EXCEL has taught me the do’s and don’ts about professionalism. I know what to wear and what not to say on an interview. I love EXCEL! It’s not a traditional class: it’s an experience, and I recommend anyone who would like a different experience than your ordinary class to apply.

Dehija Nelson, J A Fair High School, EXCEL Medical Professions

Marcus’s EXCEL Story

Before EXCEL, I wasn’t really sure what my next move as a  senior was going to be. Everybody says, “Oh, go to college,” but college isn’t immediately for everyone, especially for a guy like me who doesn’t really like school. EXCEL exposed me to a whole new world of opportunities and jobs that I could do and not have to go to a traditional 4 four year college. One of the many jobs I learned about while in the EXCEL program is histology.  The median income for a histologist is $56,000 a year with no college degree. If not for EXCEL, I would never have known about Histology. EXCEL isn’t like any other school program in the LRSD. EXCEL prepares you to not only be professional in your work environment but to be super knowledgeable about your work. Without the amazing teachers, guess speakers, and EXCEL staff I wouldn’t know what or where I would be in life after graduation. I’m just really blessed and thankful that I could be apart of such of innovative program.

Marcus Dennis, McClellan Magnet High School, EXCEL Medical Professions

Nekeethia’s EXCEL Story

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but didn’t know what grade I wanted to teach. EXCEL helped me decide that. The field experience is amazing because I get to put myself in the teacher’s shoes. In the first semester, Teacher Cadets shadowed at different schools to explore teaching at different grade levels and subjects. First, I was at Bale Elementary in a 1st grade classroom, and as soon as I walked in the classroom, the students hugged me, one student wiping his nose on me. I knew right then that I didn’t want to be a 1st grade teacher. The 5th grade classroom I worked in was a bit better but still not quite the right fit for me, but as soon as I walked into my 6th grade classroom at Pulaski Heights, I knew that’s where I wanted to be—teaching math to middle school students. My first day I taught a lesson on fractions, and the students actually listened and paid attention to me. From my first day at Pulaski Heights to my last day of my internship, I learned from my mentor, experienced different types of students, and experienced first-hand what being a teacher is like. The EXCEL Program is not an ordinary program, but is hands-on experience that allows high school students not just to explore careers but to experience them. Thank you to all the teachers that helped me to realize what teachers go through every day. EXCEL has also provided many opportunities to boost my leadership skills and has taught me how to be professional. Without EXCEL, I wouldn’t know where to begin my path to become a teacher. I AM A TEACHER CADET.

Nekeethia Jordan, Central High School, EXCEL Teacher Cadet